02 January 2011

starting project life!!

Today is the day! I officially start my Project Life! So darn excited. I'll be even more excited once my box arrives from Amazon.com!! Until then, I shall be taking my daily pictures and keeping my journal so I will be ready to go! So darn happy!!

Also on a happy note, I finally have a working webcam! Mine that is built into my monitor is no longer functioning. Darn thing. I have tried pretty much everything to get it to work so off to Staples we went with some coupons!! It will be great to have it to keep in touch with everyone. Especially hubby when he goes out of town. Skype will be our friend!

Need to get motoring. Kira has a playdate in a couple of hours and the Christmas totes are not getting to the garage loft by themselves! Sure wish they would. oh yeah... and breakfast. I can smell hubby cooking the bacon. yummy!!


  1. On some levels I can't believe that one of my most favoritest scrapbookers of all time is getting the Project Life!!! I sure hope that it allows YOU to be as creative as you always are, your own Terri style is what inspires me!!!! <3