18 January 2011

one of my favorites....

New Christmas present that is. I asked for a label maker so I could label things in my life. It's the OCD and I am totally aware of it but have to accept my way of thinking so I can be me and happy. And since I am labeling things in my office, I don't think the family will mind if I go a bit crazy. Here's where I started making labels. I am so happy with them... and my label maker. Thanks mom and dad. It is wonderful!!

I also labeled my cannisters in the kitchen and the recycle bins. I stopped at that point since I didn't need the hubby picking on me any more than he does. But like I said... the office is mine! There will be many more labels printed!! bwahahahahahaha....


  1. That's gotta be so cool! I've been wanting one too. Alas, I have to stick with printing Avery labels!! I do the same exact thing and didn't consider myself OCD, so if I'm not, then you're not, right??!! I think you'd be OCD if you came to visit me, bought a labeler while here, and labeled all of MY stuff. Ya, that's the ticket! Love you, OCDT hehehehe

  2. Yes I think that would be a bit OCD to label your stuff!! LOL

  3. Tell hubby to be good or you'll label him: obsolete.....just kidding of course. I too label things in my room, closets but usually only if it's a 'non see thru' container.