06 January 2011

me here

Seriously tired. Did a bunch of things today. Haven't slept well all week. Hoping to catch up a bit this weekend. I'm sure going to try! Did start some Valentine treat triangle boxes for the kids today. I only have to make 30. Should be fun! They are cute and coming together nicely. Hope to post in a couple days. Less if I can keep the kiddos from distracting me! But you know how that goes.

I was so excited to receive my Project Life box... and yet it sits there mocking me. I have yet to open it. What is wrong with me??? I certainly don't know. I think I shall remove myself from the computer tonight and crack it open. I've been good and got many things done. I shall reward me!


  1. Oh yes please!!!! I hope you rewarded yourself!! And jeepers, I cannot wait to see the treat triangles!! Ya know, hubby and I have also not slept very well all week. For months and months I didn't need to get up in the middle of the night for anything, and yet all this week either sinuses, histamine, plumb full urinary tract, too cold/too hot - it just hasn't let up! I'm hoping that, at 12:29am on 1/8, I can cuddle up next to hubby and view the inside of my eyelids for 8!!! Miss/love ya, lady!

  2. Ooooh I so want to do a Project Life album but no one sells them in Australia and their website won't return any emails (bummer). Have fun with it!!