13 January 2011

snowy yesterday, sunny today

Tis the weather of New England. Gotta love it. Yesterday at this time the snow was a coming down full force and quite windy. Now it's sunny and bone chillingly cold. I'll share a few pictures of the fun we had yesterday during our first snow day of the school year. And remember, we get to add one more day of school to the calendar. We are scheduled to be out on the 16th of June now.

Kira's pink milk. Nope not strawberry flavored... just added some red food coloring. She was insisting on drinking water so I 'bribed' her into drinking milk. Worked like a charm!

Alex wanted in on the fun too so his milk became blue. He said it was the best he has ever had!

And what goes better with milk than some freshly baked brownies??!! yummy on a snowy day.

My wonderful hubby out snowblowing the driveway so I could get out this morning to take Kira to school. Poor thing was out there two hours. It was still quite windy but it had slowed down in the snowing department. That's as far out as I went yesterday.

Today is going to be a quite day. Alex came downstairs this morning at 2am for some reason. He ended up sleeping on his Tigger couch next to the bed and then got up WAY too early for him. Gonna be a rough night with an early bedtime. And there may even be a nap somewhere for this mommy. I could use one.


  1. Oh my two hours of snowblowing poor thing. Have to say I have never seen that much snow. Would like to just once. Pink and blue milk how fun. Stay warm.....

  2. I'm jealous of your snow! That milk is too funny. My little guy would love the blue milk :)

  3. Ok, so we have no snowblower, and I couldn't even begin to imagine just how stinkin' long it would take my hubby to "scoop" all that snow!!! (not sure why, but in Greeley, Colorado, all I ever hear people say is scoop the snow; personally I shovel it, but not very often, oops) We still have a TON of the white stuff on the ground, especially and particularly on the south sides of buildings and homes. Green milk is some of the best I've ever had hahahahahaha

    I hope this doesn't mean that we in northern Colorado are a bunch of doofuses, but with snow days here, I haven't heard of them tacking on a day at the end. I am so sorry that they do that to the kids there, I can see and understand both sides, but that doesn't make it any easier to swallow.

    I was telling the kids about your having sent the Vday pyramid template to me for their V's next month, and they were asking about K and A. I hope I got this right: K is a year ahead of Taylan, making K 9 or 10 and in 4th grade? And then I said that A is a year behind Braeden, so he's 6 and in 1st grade, but if you took only K to school, then A isn't in kindergarten yet?

  4. Correct with Kira. She is 9 and in 4th grade. Alex will be 5 in March and goes into Kindergarten in the fall. He is in a preschool playgroup right now that is run through the town's rec center. He loves it. It's great for learning that mommy comes back and that he can listen to other adults and play nicely with kids his own age.