03 January 2011

catching up

My friend had a great idea for her kitchen wall that I stole and did in my kitchen! (actually dining area of the kitchen) I filled the empty boring wall with pictures! Lots and lots of family pictures. I love how it turned out. There are a couple of blank spots that I need to get a few more frames for but here's how it looks. Thanks for the idea Tania!!

Took the kids to the mall this weekend. I know we are crazy but we had a bunch of errands to run. As a reward they got to make a new puppy at Build a Bear. Nope... didn't need yet another animal but daddy had already told them they could get one. Here's Kira waiting in line to stuff her blue puppy.

Here is an amazing picture of Kira with her BFF Michaela. They are so sweet together.

And my little helper man. While I was making cookies, he was doing the dishes. He thought it was totally cool so who am I to tell him no? I firmly believe in making him a well rounded guy. He even begged me to teach him how to use the vacuum cleaner to clean his rug in his room! He's gonna be a great catch!

And this last one is my Picture of the Day (POTD) for my Project Life. It's blurry but shows just how silly he was being while stealing my slippers. Yes my feet were quite chilly while he was giggling away! My stinker. Love that little guy.

I wanted to alleviate any fears my favorite Alien had about me using Project Life and giving up on scrapping. Oh no I will never do such a thing! I just totally loved doing Project 365 in 2009. I felt great capturing all those silly memories that are too quickly forgotten. Being 'forced' to get a picture every day made me really drag the camera out and get tons of pictures. I feel I missed out on many funny moments in 2010 since I didn't do it. I am still going to turn out the awesome pages as I totally love playing with all the stuff I have collected, I am also going to capture some fun memories for the kids to look back on one day. I think it makes me a better scrapper overall.

On that note... I need to post this and see about heading to my bedroom. Early day again tomorrow. Man... is it summer vacation yet?? LOL

ps. I did find the pictures of my Christmas cards that I made this year. Those shall be posted tomorrow!! woohoo!

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  1. TANIA IS AWESOME!!! and so are you Terri!!!

    But I absolutely LOVE that idea. I may be stealing it also!!! Especially since that wall is a little deformed until we move the washer and dryer from the kitchen...lol