10 January 2011

here's to monday...

Yeah it's not so bad a day today so it can arrive. Busy one but thinking it will make it fly by and it will be Friday before I know it. LOL Actually I'm watching the weather to find out how correct they are with this coming storm. I know it's hitting pretty hard in the south (everyone there, please be safe) but they have been wrong a few times already this season so I have my doubts. Even with the doubts, I managed to get to the store to stock up on some things... just in case.

Okay I'm gonna share my POTD (picture of the day) for January 8. I love it. Does anyone remember the Animaniacs on the WB network?? oh my... I loved them so much. I have some animation pieces and old VHS tapes of their shows. I was working at the Warner Bros Studio Stores at the time and they were on our screen. LOVE THEM!! Anywho... for Christmas my wonderful fantabulous hubby picked up 3 full seasons of them on DVD for me and the kids. Yes the kids love them too!! How wonderful for them to enjoy something that I do?? ahhh... to hear them laughing at Yakko, Wakko and Dot. Gives me great joy.

And I managed to finish up Kira's Valentines!! They are all set for the big day. She did a great job writing everyone's names on the envelopes and coloring in the cat for the card. She is really big into the Warrior book series so cats it was this year. First picture are the envelopes I made and stamped.

These are the cards for inside the envies. The hearts on the front are stickled and the heart next to Kira's name is attached with a glue dot to give it a little dimension. I know... the kids won't care!!

Here is the inside of the treat box. yummy Dove chocolate treats. Alex's will have Hershey kisses.

These are the three patterns of paper I used for these. All from a DCWV spring stack. Not sure which year. There are three hearts on each one. A pink, a red and a silver. The red one is on the side that opens up. The boxes are attached to the envelopes. Neat little packages.

And here they all are!! Ready to go to school. And my aforementioned hubby did point out to me that Valentine's Day is a month away. I know that!! *giggle* But they are done. Another thing off my to do list!!

The templates and instructions for the treat boxes I can email to anyone who wants it. Let me know... daveswife1994@msn.com It was from Making Memories years ago. Good thing I saved it onto my computer when I did!! The cards are just 2X4 pieces of cardstock with the corners punched. The envelope template I got from Mirkwood Designs. Awesome site full of great templates.

That's it for now... off to pick up Alex from school. Which is good cuz I am hungry for lunch!!


  1. Those are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wowy McWowsters!! Those treat boxes are great, and they seem like they went really fast for you!! Thought my BFF google and I would be able to find that particular template, but no, I'll have to email you LOL
    BTW, hubby and I have been turning the kids onto "older" stuff too haha, he loved Fraggle Rock, so we bought season 1 of that. I loved Wonder Woman, and season 1 disk 1 from Netflix is coming tomorrow!! Tried to revisit the bionic woman, but that show and 6million Dollar Man kinda belong in the 1980s, they just don't have the same effect now to us, for some reason.