15 January 2011


Yes it is Saturday and that means a very lazy kind of day for us. Hanging around doing nothing in particular but totally loving it. It also means that I have a great hubby for getting up with the rather loud children this morning while I got to catch up on some sleep. Hoping that means that I will not get sick anytime soon. Especially with the two little humans in this house with the sniffles... I am trying to avoid them in a loving motherly fashion. LOL

I did make some chocolate cupcakes this morning. Waiting for them to cool down to add the frosting and sprinkles. I'll post a picture tomorrow. They should be interesting as my left over frosting is orange and green!! I'm sure they will look lovely with the Valentine sprinkles! Yes I am getting into Valentine's day this year. Finished up the kids Valentines for school and picked up a bag of SweetTart hearts for my sweetheart! He loves those things. I couldn't wait to give them to him, so he received them yesterday. He was quite surprised. Love that man! Needless to say, they will be interesting looking cupcakes. Wondering if I can make the orange into a red-ish color. We shall see!

I am still managing to keep up with my picture a day and my journaling. But need to get the album itself put together. Maybe that will have to be on the to do list for this long weekend. Never know!!

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Cupcakes....MMMMM I want one. I wish I had started the picture a day. Do you think it is too late. I could fake some. No one would ver know as long as you don't snitch on me :)

  2. Now you got me wanting cupcakes. LOL. I may have to do something about that. I hope to get to scrap some today, have not made a layout in 2011. But I have done alot of blog hoping so all is not lost. Hope you have a wonderful weekend......

  3. You can start your picture a day whenever you want!! I know I had to go back and fake a few at the end of the year!! I won't tell!!

  4. Dang, that weekend of yours sounds great!!! Did you really give him the sweettarts a month early?? You're adorable, I am not capable for some reason of keeping gifts secret for very long, where Hubby is concerned LOL I'm so sorry I didn't comment earlier, my internet devices are not playing well with others, namely moi!! Love you lady!!