31 January 2011

girl scout thinking day

This event is always a high light for Kira. Her troop really gets into it and dresses up in clothes from their country and they do reports and such to learn as much as they can about different places and cultures. They enjoy 'traveling' to the other countries and seeing what the other troops have learned. This year the theme was Fairy Tales and story telling. Kira's troop got India. I didn't get a picture of her with her scarf wrapped around but the outfit was so cute!!

Here she is with her BFF Michaela. They are both hams!! This was at pick up after their long day.

Me... I spent part of the morning at the Chorus/ Band Pancake breakfast at Applebee's. It was a good turn out. Hopefully they raised enough money for the field trip later this year. I know Kira would like that a lot. But since she couldn't be at two places at once. I did her time at the breakfast and she did the Thinking Day.

Looking for more snow to attack us this week. Both Tuesday and Wednesday. Have I mentioned, I am over winter?? Well I am.

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  1. hello there dearest!! looooove Kira's outfit, OMGosh, and that smile, she gets me every time with that smile!! Hey, Fiskars is the company who makes the grass punch, love the look of it!!!

    Stinkin winter, bunch of schools are closed for tomorrow, Tuesday, pretty much everywhere in Colorado EXCEPT us!!! LOL