02 February 2011

snow day.... again

Man... I am done with winter. Sure hope that silly groundhog is right that spring is around the corner. But with all of this snow, I am afraid that we'll end up with the town flooding again. I hate winter!

Here's our picture of the day for today. Just a shot of the snow bank that seems to have grown overnight!

Close up of the kiddos at the top!!

How else would you get down?? Yup... on their hind ends. They did this a few (many) more times.

Heading to the swingset in the backyard. The snow was at Alex's waist. He had to follow Kira or risk being lost!

Me!! Have I mentioned how much I hate winter??

She seems to be enjoying the weather more than me!!

Yup... those are my clothes lines behind Alex!!

Ready to head down the 'slide' again. And look at that... she's as tall as the tree!!

Front of the house. Man... that's a lot of snow! And no... we don't use the front door!

I'd like to say I got a ton of scrapping done today. But nope... didn't. I tried to but kept getting distracted by the kiddos. Need to go finish making dinner so it ain't happening right now either. I think I can do more when the kids are at school!! But I am proud to say everyone had a warm breakfast and will eat great tonight for dinner. It was a free for all for lunch and snacks today.

On a side note... my bone folder broke! Man I am sad. It was the one in the Cricut tool kit. Nope I don't own a Cricut but love the tools so I picked one up years ago. Now I have to get a new bone folder. I miss it so much! Especially since I need to make a bunch of cards. geez. Maybe a trip to Michaels is in order for me later this week. :)

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  1. Holy what the beans????!!!!???? That snow is out of control!!! Course it's how bad we had it last year in February so me thinks me needs to shut me mouth!! Those pictures are fantastic though, I just have to tell ya that!! But seriously, those are flippin mountains of snow!!! It's been SO cold with snow this go-around that we were too home bound to take the kids sledding anywhere!!