22 February 2011


After receiving some amazingly detailed instructions on the correct nesties sammich in the bug from the gifted Alien, I was able to use my nesties!! Oh yes I did! I am sure I will get better at it and not have to scroll down her blog for each step and will figure out the correct amount of chipboard to make a proper embossed image. However... for a first time... I think I did pretty darn well.

I grabbed some scraps and went to town for this card. I used my trusty working Fiskars threading water border punch and my bug embossing folder. I really need to invest in a few more of these. I only have two and I think I will be tired of circles and paisleys before I finish this PTA basket!! LOL

One card down... a zillion more to go! Best get a move on.

Oh and my poor little baby boy has caught his sisters cold. Or it could have been from hanging at the germ infested Chuck E Cheese this past Saturday. Anywho... he had a fever and some coughing last night. Gave him some medicine and sent him off to bed. He's been asleep for about 12 hours now. And yes, I did go in and check on him. Some things never change!


  1. You did it!!! You did it!!! Yay!!!! Fantastic!!! Although in comparison to many others, I have very few Nestitities, but wow, the ones I do have, I think I use them for every creation I make!! And now the Grands???? I'm totally addicted to those!!! They're huge, delicious, and so fun!!!

    Hey, you make it sound like you have only 2 embossing folders?? Is that true?? If you have circles and paisleys, does that mean you don't have the Swiss dots folder? Cause I have an extra that I can RAK you, it's new in box essentially!!

  2. Oh, and I have some ribbon that you may or may not be interested in that's extra, do you ever work with ladybugs?