20 February 2011

happy sunday

And it was a sunny Sunday. It's supposed to snow tonight, but since I am in denial that there can be anymore snow this winter, I am ignoring it and not looking out the windows. Nope... can't make me so there. NEENER NEENER NEENER!!

On Friday I took the van to the car wash to get some of the dirt off of it. Winter looks bad on a silver minivan. Heck, winter looks pretty bad on all cars!

This was my picture of the day on Friday. It's the soap on the windshield. I am happy I had my camera with me since they were such amazing colors and Alex was very excited to see them all over the van! This is now my desktop picture since it is so colorful. I am hoping spring will find us soon!!

Today I spent watching the Daytona 500 and working on a mini album for the PTA basket. It is an Easter theme. Actually it is the hunt part of Easter. I will take pictures tomorrow once all my stickles dry and I can get it put together. Right now it is in pieces everywhere!! So happy to have gotten it done.

Tomorrow... cards!! And maybe some laundry!!


  1. Haha! That's as colorful as Winter gets around here, too. At least working on Easter and Spring projects reminds us of Spring!

  2. Cool photo! We are having HOT days here in Perth, longing for some rain and cooler weather :)
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  3. I stinkin love the colored soap at the carwash!! You and me - separated at birth. Can't wait to see your album!! And I will do ANYTHING to get you using your Nestities more, so tell me what you wanna know or use, and I'll give my take on it!!!