06 February 2011

happy day!

Yesterday was hubby's birthday. So I had the joy of making him a cake to celebrate with. Along with dinner!! The frosting was supposed to be red... turned out more pink and now it looks very orange in the picture! Since it was pink, I turned it into a Valentine themed cake complete with sprinkles. It worked and was good!!

Three candles... one for each of them to blow out! Worked well.

My Alien friend has started a challenge on her blog to play along with her while she creates an exploding box. I jumped right in and am having a blast. Posting what I have created so far to show her that I am playing and not fibbing. I do believe fibbing to an Alien involves probing which I do not wish to be subjected to!! There should be one more layer and then some amazing fun of embellishing this box. Very excited to see it completed!

I went to Michaels today to pick up a bone folder as I had broken my other one and am in need of it to do some cards... as well as the exploding box!! I had a 45% off coupon which was a lovely thing to have.

Then I went to Joanns with my defective Fiskars threading water border punch and it was easy peasy to get a new one! Showed them how defective it was, so I grabbed one off the shelf and I was on my way! oh happy happy day!! I have working tools again!

Off to watch some football coverage. Or check my eyelids for holes... not sure which one yet!!


  1. I am glad you were able to exchange it!!!

  2. Me too!! I was so sad it wouldn't work as I love it so much!!

  3. I plead your human 5th on the probing thing!!! bwah hahaha

    Those are the best birthday smiles!! Happy birthday DAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!!

    Man, that box is gonna be GORE-jus!! Love that green...imagine that!!!?? I'm making this one for a friend whom I told her Christmas present would be late, and THIS was supposed to be her Christmas present!!! I suck!!!

  4. So I'm curious now, can you share what the major undertaking is? =) I can't manipulate time like other aliens can because I haven't yet earned my antennae. I certainly hope that happens before this human body gives out!!