12 February 2011

exploding box

No pictures today. Stickles are drying and I don't want to mess them up by moving them too much. Plus the kids are screaming at me to feed them. As well as it's almost time for bed. woohoo!!

But have to share that my box is pretty much done. I will have to see about decorating the outside panels of the outer layer once I place my top onto it. Don't want to decorate parts that will be covered!! So we'll see on that part.

And I found something to put on the inside of my box!! Nope... not sharing yet. Hoping to get working on it tomorrow. It looks like a simple project but we all know how those turn out!!

Thanks again Alien for such a great project idea for me. It has motivated me to start working on this basket of goodies. (((hugs)))

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