12 February 2011

so i lied... (exploding box)

I finished it and put it together and then couldn't wait to share!! Silly I know. Anywho... here goes.

This is the inside layer. I have shown this before but wanted to show what I did with the center panel. Just something a little fun with the sewing machine.

These are the outside panels of the inside layer. Hope that makes a bit of sense. The one piece of pattern paper in the middle panel is to reinforce one of my folds. It was trying to split on me. grrr. Some of the panels may look upside down but will be okay once the person opens the box in the correct direction and then pulls the panels down to look at them. Thanks for that tip Alien!!

This is the center layer inside panels. The quilled flower on the top panel is from a swap ages ago that my buddy Jackie made for me. Just perfect for this box. I did change out the bling that was in the center to the green. Strung up some beads from another swap. Heck... had a ton of fun with this layer!

This is the outside of the above layer. Pretty plain since I was suddenly struck by how fat my layers were becoming and I was scared my box would not close!! eeeek. The top and bottom panel are embossed and inked. I may drag the brown ink over the embossing in the morning. Giving it a chance to grow on me as it is.

This is the outer layer. Messed up the direction of the brads but I think it still looks good. Used some leather photo corners on the top and bottom panels. And some stickles throughout the entire box!

And here it is. Pardon the funny shadow from the light. I couldn't wait til morning to take the picture!! Here it is all put together. I think I am going to leave the outside of the box as is. So all the fun goodness will be bursting forth when it is opened!! I have had the friends circle FOREVER!! Finally put it to good use!

And the top of my box!! I am beyond happy with this box. Thank you Alien for your support and your instructions. I could not have done it without you!! I think this will be a great addition to my basket!! Tomorrow I work on the inside special surprise!! Will post when it is done... and if it works out!! LOL


  1. This is absolutely phenomenally beautiful, OMG lady!!!! Gorgeous colors!!! And I gotta say, those punched borders turned out even better than I ever thought they would!!! What a wonderful job you did on this!!! My hat's off and I bow to you!! <3 <3 <3

  2. These are so much fun to make. You did a wonderful job on this one. So pretty....

  3. What a cute box!! You have really nice work!! I just became a follower.

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