09 February 2011

because my Alien wants to know...

This post is for her. Squishy kind of Alien hugs going to her and her amazing family.

Okay... my to do list (impending project, over my head project, what was I thinking project) is to create a basket of paper goodies for the PTA basket raffle that we have every year for our Turn Off TV week. The baskets are wonderful and so clever. They also bring in some serious money to help the PTA.

My thought this year was to make up a ton of greeting cards, some gift card holders and a few of the 2-5-7-10 boxes. I was thinking I should also make up a paper bag album or a CD album with a spring/ Easter theme and possibly some post it note covers and maybe an altered jar for a pen/ pencil holder. Every time I start to think about it, the list of items gets larger and I have started NOTHING!! Not a single thing. Which is stressing me out. I need to stop working on my Sea World album and focus on this project.

Yes that is what I will do. I am going to finish up this one layout that is staring at me. It needs a title and some journaling. Then I shall start that project. I don't want to rush through the items but March 7th is coming quickly! No really it is. Honest.

Thanks for the pep talk Alien! I knew I could count on you to nudge me in the right direction. I guess I am sorta working on some things as my exploding box may be included in this basket. If it turns out halfway decent. Right now it is buried under a ton of things on my desk. I need to dig it out and work on it.

Right after this layout of the penguins!!


  1. Penguins rule!!!!! Must finish the penguins!! Hey, do your kids love the Penguins of Madagascar??!! Wow is that ever a good show, we get it on Netflix. You're right, that is a MAJOR undertaking and if I know anyone who can pull it off, it'd be you!! No kidding. After I get teacher appreciation/Valentines gifts done, I'll see if I have bandwidth (oh boo) to put some things toward the basket!!! You are amazing, my friend!!!

  2. Oh, and allow me to add: everything you touch turns out WAY more than "halfway decent" so you sincerely have nothing to worry about there - I think you inherently know that, but it sure doesn't hurt to hear it!!!