10 February 2011

daddy daughter dance 2011

The best time during the winter!! My mom, Kira's Nana has made her dress every year since she was 4. This year's creation is amazing and such a pretty color for my princess!! Kira picked the material and the dress pattern. I think she did a good job! Mom did pretty good too!! LOL

Here she is without the jacket. Kira's arms get cold in a short sleeve dress (found that out the hard way one year) But it is so pretty I have to take a picture of it without the jacket.

Here she is with her daddy!! Amazingly enough, he had a shirt that matched her dress perfectly. Doesn't show that too well in the picture but it is the same color in real life!!

Every princess needs a fur cape and muff to keep her warm in New England in February!! Another Nana creation!!

Me and my girl!! She is getting so tall on me!! I'd like to say I was sitting down or something but she is catching up to me!!

Back of her hair. No it's not professionally done, but for not being trained, I got it up and curled for her. And it is coated in glitter mist!! She sparkles from head to toe!

I finally decided this year to send the camera with hubby so he can take pictures of Kira with all her friends at the dance!! Not sure why I hadn't thought of it before. Better late than never!!

I have now started working on my PTA scrapping goodies basket for our Turn Off TV week basket raffle. I am working on an exploding box and making some headway. I have gotten all the layers done. See previous days for the two outer layers. I am working on the inside layer, inside panels. I need to do two more panels before I can show them off. But I am working!! Thanks for the pep talk Alien. You are too kind. (((hugs))) across the country! Love you girl!

Hoping to post some pictures tomorrow of the penguin layouts I finally got done and the inside layer!! Crossing fingers!!


  1. Oh! My youngest daughter and her daddy went to these dances for several years, and they loved it! Such a wonderful bonding time for fathers and daughters!

  2. Holy gosh dangit, I wish there was something here like that for girls and dads - well, and specifically my two LOL Holy smokes y'all are a great looking family, love it!!! And the smiles, I love that you guys smile with your eyes, that's when you know theys real!!! {like the grammar?} Do you ever stinkin wish that glitter, glimmer, shimmer, what have you, were photogenic???? I'd LOOOOOOOOVE to see how sparkly she was!!! Your mom and my mom-in-love were directly sent from the heavenly angle brood, I'm tellin ya; I really haven't seen more talented sewers!!! That word looks like sewers, as in where poop goes...kinda disconcerting LOL LOL

  3. Angle brood??? Angle??? Do I know how to spell angel??? Angel angel angel angel