19 February 2011

stylish blogger award!

What a great surprise to receive this in my comments from mschiddy! I started this blog and did not expect many people outside of family and a few friends to read it much less make such sweet comments. And then to be given an award... so darn cool!!

From the looks of things on mschiddy's blog, the rules of this award are pretty darn simple. You tell 8 things about yourself and pass the award onto 8 other bloggers!! I can do that!

1. I didn't learn to drive until I was 20.
2. I was in retail management until I entered this great world of motherhood and am now enjoying my full time status as a mom.
3. I was hit by a CENTRO bus while walking to work (Wegmans parking lot in Fairmount, NY)
4. I was a biology major in college (SUNY at Cortland).
5. I have worked at Sea World in Orlando, Florida in one of the gift shops.
6. I find cleaning my house therapeutic.
7. I am president of the PTA at my daughters elementary school. (never thought I would do that!)
8. My favorite rock band is Def Leppard and have seen them in concert numerous times over the years.

That part was easy! Now to find 8 bloggers to share this award with. Promise to have it done by tomorrow!!

Thanks again mschiddy!!

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