15 February 2011

kira sick day

Today was not a good start to the day. Her fever was more than mere medicine could handle so I tucked her back into bed and caught a few more Z's myself. She is resting on the couch with another cup of juice. Gotta keep her hydrated! She'll have turkey noodle soup today as well. I took it out of the deep freeze this morning. That will keep her eating!

Here they are. The pictures of the surprise I put inside the exploding box!! Should I add a bunch of spaces here to keep you in more suspense??

Kidding... LOL

Here it is.... I found it in the Better Home and Gardens magazine. It was in their December 2010 issue. It was one of those mini projects that they don't give 100% information but figure crafty people can make it work. So I did!! I can see me making a ton more of these are they are simple and so darn cute. They can be made bigger for other things. I wouldn't go smaller but probably could. Maybe I will!! LOL

I glued the two pattern papers together. You could probably use a double sided paper but I was trying to keep the same papers from the box to the surprise. I cut the strips 3" in length and 1/2" wide then inked both sides. You tape the strips into loops. I didn't have any of that magical acid free tape so I used regular scotch tape. Then you start attaching the loops together with double sided tape to form a 'flower'.

I cut the circle with a 1 1/4" punch since that was what would work with my stamped image. You could layer circles or squares or whatever shape you want. You are really just hiding the center. you could probably just as easily attach some bling to the center if it is small enough. Possibilities are endless!!

This is the other side. I didn't like seeing the back of the friend circle so created a flower out of the pattern paper using my punches. No clue what size just daisy punches I have had forever!! I curled in the top three layers and inked every other layer.

I used tacky glue to attach the flower to the circles. Worked well and didn't have to smoosh the loops to get it to stick. Again... use what works for you!!

I attached some fiber that just so happened to match from my stash! There it is! All set and ready to go.

I then did something dumb and tried to embellish the top of my box. Big mistake. As I was taking off the offensive items I TORE THE TOP! Yes, the top layer of my DCWV cardstock was no longer there but there was a lovely bit of white showing. eeeek!

So quick like a bunny, I created a couple more flowers and dug into the stash of primas to fix it. How does it look?

You can't tell the I ripped it but it does add a bit more fun to the top. whew... next time I will leave well enough alone! Me slapping my hands.

Thanks for being so patient with me in posting this today instead of last night. ;)


  1. Holy majoly, that is cuter than EVER!! You GOTTA show me a picture of it inside the box!! I hadn't even thought of putting something in there functional that can be removed!!!! Genius!!! I'll admit though, for the one I'm making - and yes, I think I'll finish it for her - the wind has been taken out of my sails as far as making the rest of it really cool - and you know the back story there - so I don't even know if I'm gonna bother with putting a cake in the middle of the box. Ooooh, I'm just still so angry about the "beyond pissed" part!!! How can people actually get mad at you for not donating your time more quickly???

    And I'm so sorry Kira had such a fever, jeeze!!

  2. And I am sorry about the top of your box, but that mistake sure added alot of character to the top!! I'll mention some of my FLUB UPs on the ol' wine bottle holder!!!

  3. You did a great job on both! I hope Kira's feeling better today!

    I'd like to give you the stylish blog award. It is at my blog at http://www.chidscrafts.com/2011/02/blog-candy-and-award-updates.html
    if you'd like to accept it.