25 February 2011

doing a bit better....

Sorry about that very negative post before. Guess I needed a good vent. The internet is still cutting out on me. Hoping it won't drop before I can get this posted. Not sure what all the issue is. I know it's something in this room as hubby has not had a problem at all. Just my wireless. Looks like we need to call in our electrician (aka dad) to hardwire me.

I did manage to get my pictures off of my memory card. Silly thing started working once hubby came down to talk to me and I vented to him. Temperamental thing.

Anywho... this is the picture I wanted to share. My guy! He stands on my lap in my office and dances. We started it when he didn't weigh so much. Now he's starting to put some meat on, it's getting a bit harder. Especially when he wants to jump and bounce!! It's a little blurry but he does not stop moving!! Love that expression. He just melts my heart.


  1. Oh my holy Christmas, that's the cutest blurry I've ever seen, no kidding. That'd melt me right into the ground! No more me. Your hubby must have been wearing silk undies because it's a known fact that silk undies and the static electricity that they can build up can do strange things to electronics! I'm not making this up, people!

    What are those cream-looking metal-looking frames just above his shoulder??? Enquiring minds neeeeeeed to know, they're gorgeous hehehehe I'm sassy, should prolly sleep!

  2. Oh, and it looks like those are ghost shapes by Heidi Swapp??? Those are so cool to use with a smaller Prima on top and a brad!! How do YOU use them? =)

  3. I'm back in here to look at that adorable expression, OMG!! Also, either Monday night or Tuesday night I'll have a nice package ready to be mailed to you. I'm not sure if I'm making anything more tomorrow night for the baby shower, but if I'm not, then I'll have a package mailed to you Tuesday. Otherwise, SHH will take it on Wednesday after I package it on Tuesday night. I'm so glad that you're gonna be able to use that Swiss dots folder, I'm not even joking. I have been carting that thing around since I got blessed with one about 2 or 3 years ago in the SF MSN birthday club. Well, I had bought this one at Joanns but didn't open it thankfully, and whammo I got one in the mail probably the next day!! And the ribbon, it's so stinkin cute!! I'm so glad you're gonna be able to use that too! Oh, found some Disney and H&YY stuff on way sale at Wally so I'm sending that along too!! =)