14 February 2011

happy love day to everyone!

Happy Valentine's day everyone! Or as my Alien friend pointed out... the Hallmark created holiday. Hallmark created or not... it's a day to celebrate with the ones you love. Of course for us here at the Foltz House... we celebrate daily. It just happens the rest of the world joins us!!

I decided we needed a special dessert for today. So this morning before the sun came up, I was baking a devils food cake. yummy. Of course it took me the rest of the day to get my hind end back upstairs to frost it. But I did!! Then clever me decided to use a couple of cookie cutters as templates and added some colored sugar hearts. I could have done better but sometimes the sugar came out too fast. Lesson learned- remove the shaker top so you have more control!

We celebrated with the kids yesterday as today was going to be a crazy one for Kira and all her after school activities. Alex received a panda pillow pet whom he promptly named Panda Panda. He is so in love with this thing. Kira received a dog pillow pet for Christmas so all is fair now in the world of the Foltz siblings!!

Here's my girl who was not feeling 100% this morning. She still managed to give me a big ole smile. And also a small heart attack at 7:15am! She looks at me very seriously and states... I forgot to tell you something last week mom. (this cannot be good) I need Valentine's for my Girl Scout troop... this afternoon!! (big big mommy sigh here) ummm... sure. I shall whip some up for you to sign before you leave for school. eeeek. The problem is she was going to be at school until the time she has to be at Girl Scouts. Not helpful for this mom. Doing a quick think, I happen to remember I picked up a package of valentines last year on clearance at Walmart for .25!! And even better, I remembered where they were in the house!! Problem solved. After being awake a few more hours, I found some valentine themed pencils we had left over from a few years back. Plenty for the troop. Not too shabby for this mom. I then informed my favorite daughter, that she needs to mention these things a little further in advance!! Good thing I love her to pieces!

King Arthur flour had a bread baking event at her school on Friday. It was for the 4th and 5th graders. They had the chance to make two loaves of bread and then donate one of them on Monday. So on Sunday we tackled baking bread. I must point out, my idea of bread making involves my handy dandy bread machine and not the use of my two hands. I am proud to say, we did it!!

Here's my little trooper kneading the dough. I love the concentration on her face!!

She was really working it!!

Here is the results of her (and my) hard labor. Yes she is in her jammies since it was after her bath. It was a long process!! And it was pretty tasty bread.

This post got a bit longer than I had planned so I will post tomorrow the pictures of the surprise inside my exploding box. It came out so cute. But you will have to wait!!


  1. You're cruel, I tell ya, you're cruel!! Making us wait????!!!!! What???!!! Alright, you keep us appeased with pictures of yummy desserts we'll never get our hands on, but a beautiful girl who we can enjoy across the miles!!! I do absolutely and completely love the concentration on her kneading face!!! That bread looks stinkin yummy, although stuff like that needs sent to Colorado so it can get the proper high-altitude testing!!!! I'm serious, you don't want to get low-altitude-bread disease, it's serious!!! *mwah*

  2. I think I need to come over to your house for baked goods!! Hope no one else gets sick!

  3. LOL..love that face!! I think I would have made that same face yesterday when I made bread but I used my Kitchen Aid to knead. :) That bread is gorgeous too! I love the loaves! I bet she was very proud of herself. I know I am proud of her.
    Nice job Kira!