23 February 2011

granite state zoo visit

I do love this town I live in. Really I do. Even with the stalemate that is happening with the building of a new high school and the lack of a grocery store within town limits, I do enjoy it here. Especially our Rec Center. It rocks!! Seriously. They brought in the traveling zoo (they are hoping within a few years to have an actual zoo here in New Hampshire) so that the HeadStart students as well as the preschool playgroup, could enjoy some interaction with animals. So amazing!

I hung around since I'm always up for meeting some new critters. As long as I don't have to touch them, we're all good. Pictures are plenty for me. Especially when she brought out the first animal. A Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. Man that was HUGE!! It was it's full grown adult size and I'm glad they don't get any bigger. Could have done without him but I didn't get too close so all is good. Alex did not pet this critter. Can't blame him.

However the Red Eyed Crocodile Skink was a different story. He wanted to pet that. Such a brave little guy. I again did not partake of the petting. I prefer my animals that I pet to have fur. LOL

This is a monkey-tailed tree porcupine. His name is Thorn. He was so darn cute. No one could handle him, not even the girl doing the talk. His quills have little hooks on the end making them hard to remove once they are in you. Not good for a group of preschoolers!

He walked around on the table eating his bananas and sweet potatoes. So adorable.

Trying to get a picture of my kiddo with the porcupine in the background.

It was a good day. Alex really enjoyed himself. I then spent the rest of the time hanging with him and his classmates. Good Wednesday here.

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  1. Oh maaaaaaan!!! Awesome day there!!! Love the pictures and the critters! Did the cockroach hiss while you were there, or is that one of the traits that don't occur often? You can live vicariously through me, I will touch just about anything, look at pretty much anything {though you know we're not talking any sick, twisted, illegal crap LOL}, but where I'm out is smell. Look at anything, certainly, but smell? Nope. I know you didn't speak of smell, just doing some share-bonding hahahaha The whole 'nobody could handle' the porcupine thing is one of those things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm" =)