21 February 2011

easter mini album

Here it is!! What I spent yesterday working on. I grabbed my bin of Easter stuff and off I went to watch the race and hang with the family. Kira was disappointed that this album was not for us. She loves Easter as much as me!! So I guess if she doesn't want to part with it, mommy did good.

Here are the pages in order out of the book. Figured it would be easier to photograph this way, and I was right!! I used Bo Bunny papers and cardstock stickers, Jolee's 3D stickers, Bo Bunny paper clip, Bo Bunny fold over metal tab, misc acrylic tag, misc ribbons and some Karen Foster Easter brads. I have had this stuff for awhile in my stash so I have no idea how old it really is. But it worked!!

The happy, sweet and fun is a transparency from Transparent Touches and Tags. Again found it in my stash and it worked out lovely to create a journaling pocket or spot for another picture.

Everything was inked with a grape colored Studio G ink pad.

Love the last page!! That bunny butt kills me!!

This is the cover of the album all put together. Misc buttons and brads from the stash.

Inside the front cover.

Alex has a thing for sleeping with cloth diapers. Don't know why but he has done it since he was about 1 1/2 years old. It is a lot easier than him carrying around a blanket since I can wash them and keep them clean and I had a whole boatload of them! Well... he has since found a few 'favorites' that he cannot sleep without. He likes the border on them when he is falling asleep in playing with them in his hands. You might be asking yourself why I am telling this story in the middle of describing a mini album? Well I'm getting there! LOL

I have been trying to find replacements for his 'favorites' since he has worn holes in a few of them and they are getting smaller in number. And believe me, if they are not the right ones, bedtime is ugly. They do not make this same style anymore. I have a feeling they were the ones I received when I was having Kira all those years ago. Big time mommy sigh here.

We stopped at Babies R Us on Saturday and were checking out the ones they had when my little man discovered COLORED diaper cloths!! oh man, he was in blankie nirvana!! They did not have the edge but they were colored!! And that made them A Okay in his book. whew....

Anywho... they came in this great plastic bag which just so happened to be the same size as a certain mini album I created!! Woohoo... instant packaging!

I am hoping that someone will love this album as much as I and my daughter do. I had fun making it but glad it is done. Now to work on cards today. Got a few to create!!


  1. What a cute album!!!

    That is funny about Alex...Noal sleeps with them too. Poor Gramm has to carry around 5 quilts my mom made him and all Noal needs is one "cookie". We have no idea why he calls them cookies.

    I wonder what baby #3 will carry!!

  2. Wow WOWsers!!! That is fantastic!! How can I be in the running for that basket???!! Either I need to move in with my friend in Plaistow, or you need to get two bedrooms ready!!! Can't believe how perfect that packaging turned out! It's so funny what kids glom onto, but for the first 3 years of Taylan's life, she HAD to have blankets or whatever soft thing WITH tags!! It had to have the 'washing instructions' or whatever tags on them so she could suck on them! Gramma made her a blanket with ribbon tags ALL over it and T was in heaven LOL

  3. OMG I have to make some of those bunny butts!!