03 February 2011

waaaahhhh... my poor border punch

After getting very frustrated with my Fiskars Treading Water border punch, I decided to attack it with some aluminum foil to see if that would help with the cutting edge. It worked a bit but still was catching in the middle. That should not be happening.

So I grabbed another Fiskars border punch I have and checked it out from all angles and then went back to the problem punch. Yup... the metal piece is lower on one end than the other which makes for not a clean cut and lets it stick in the middle. Sometimes it doesn't even cut in the middle! No wonder I have not used this punch as much as I would like. Most of the time, I ended up cutting the border out by hand after punching it.

To all my scrapping buds out there... do you think Fiskars would do anything for me? I have had this punch for awhile and not used it much since it kept fighting with me, so I do not have a receipt. I know I got it at Joanns but like I said, I have no clue when. Over a year at least. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!!


  1. I would try to exchange it at Joanns. They don't need to know how long you have had it as long as they still sell it. :)

  2. In Colorado Joanns is a stickler for receipts, or you get store credit (oh jee, that's a tough one!), but do try exchanging it, if you're comfortable with that cause it's worth a try! I've had a ton of luck emailing companies via their contact us pages or whatever email address they post. I usually say something like, "It's beyond the time that I can return this product to the store for a refund, and ultimately I feel that the problem with this punch is a manufacturing issue. Can you help me get this product exchanged for a working one?" Those things aren't cheap, as we all know!!!

  3. Thanks ladies!! Going to try to return it. I just want a punch that works!!

  4. Joanns has gotten worse about returning things. I had a receipt and they wouldn't even let me exchange one paper stack for another of equal price. They gave me in store credit...which meant I couldn't take advantage of the sale price with the return.

    Hopefully if you get nowhere with Joanns, Fiskars will help you out.

  5. No idea. That's funny, I have the same punch & it's always worked perfectly. Hope they'll let you exchange it!