19 February 2011

awards handed out

I could not wait to share the love with my fellow crafters so off into blog-land I went. I am in serious awe of the amount of talent that is out there. You ladies all rock and I wish I could award everyone of you but for now the following eight ladies will be the lucky ones!

Here are the 8 that stuck out to me at this moment... in no particular order.

1. AlienAnessa's Planet Oh how I love my Alien. Not only for her creativity but she is someone I am proud to call a friend.
2. Scrap Vamp Her stuff is incredible! I love to go and peek. I'm sure you will as well.
3. Marticadesigns She takes altering items to the next amazing level. Scratch that, she's even further out than that! You won't be sorry you stopped by this blog. She is also wonderful for keeping a thread going on Scrapbook.com where scrappers can add their blogs and get more followers!! Thank you!!
4. Marie at Life Inside the Music Box Her Valentine cards took my breath away. Hoping I can get it back again!
5. Cindy at Cardstock is my middle name Her little critter creations are simply adorable! Love them.
6. Manda K at Welcome to Wonderland Her use of embellishments blows my mind! Such detail and yet the pictures still shine.
7. Debbie at Brats Scrap Shack Victorian rocks here. Love the feel of everything she creates.
8. Vickie at Scrapbooking for Others I am loving the pre-made pages. I wish my real pages could come out as cute! Great stuff here!!

Thanks for all the inspiration ladies! I think you all have amazing blogs. Please keep up the great work. I will be hanging around and checking you out!! (kinda sounds like a stalker LOL)

Now go forth, tell 8 facts about yourself on your blog and award 8 other amazing talents with this honor. Thanks for playing!


  1. OMG, thank you so much for such a wonderful honor. This is just the coolest thing for you to do. It just makes me all warm inside to know people are stopping by my blog and enjoying it. Thank you again.

  2. Hi Terri Wow girl you brought tears to my eyes with your words....Thank you so much I too felt warm inside.....

  3. Awww thank you so very much that is so sweet! You made my day! :) xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for the blogger award! I feel very honored. Sooo sweet of you to do this! Vickie