25 January 2011

working on sea world stuff

I have been working on our Orlando vacation from 2008. It's a slow process especially since we did two parks... Walt Disney and Sea World. Figured I'd start with the smaller amount of pictures. So far so good. I did post some others on Scrapbook.com in my gallery there.

I used PageMaps for all of them. I love my PageMaps!! I had gone through all my pictures and found the maps I wanted to use for them and got myself all organized for when I had a moment to scrap. It makes it so much easier to not have to think about how things will be laid out. Then I can get creative with things.

Anywho... here are the latest ones I have been working on since last week. TFL

Crossing my fingers and hoping that the snow amount continues to drop for this coming storm on Wednesday evening/ Thursday morning. So far it has gone from 6-12 inches to 4-8 inches. I would be very very happy with a dusting to 1 inch!! Really do not want to test my snow blowing skills!


  1. You blew these out. What wonderful layouts. Looks like there was alot of fun going on in those layouts......

  2. Holy majoly, I'm lovin the layouts!! PageMaps are the absolutely bomb of bombing things! It's Wednesday morning - barely - where you are, and I'm praying that you're just getting a dusting!! <3 <3

  3. Love the layouts! I really need to work on my Disney stuff. I would like to finish the album before I go in December! I started it when we were in ME!