17 January 2011

busy monday

Spent the day doing laundry and cleaning the place up. Looking good around here. Made a pork roast that Kira described as totally disgusting. Gotta love that girl. Sometimes honesty is overrated. sigh...

Not sure what the weather is going to do to us tomorrow. Looks like snow then sleet then rain. Could be interesting. Love New England.

I had to ask my dad to get pictures of the present I made for my mom for Christmas as I spaced and didn't take any before giving it to her. Yes I know... duh...

It is a vase of chipboard flowers with pictures of each of her grandkids on the flowers. I even had three flowers left over to play with! That's what happens when you have 9 grandkids in a kit with 12 flowers!! LOL I got the kit from Oriental Trading Company. I haven't seen it since in their catalog or online but they still had the directions for it. It came with the vase, the flower makings, stems and the floral foam. I had the fun of attaching the paper to the chipboard flowers and sanding the edges to make them all pretty. It wasn't that bad, just messy.

Without further ado... here is the grandkid flower vase...

I inked the ghost letters with chalk ink (on the reverse) and then attached them by stitching them to the paper. I attached the strip with the letters to the vase after sewing.

Use some solid cardstock that I ran through my shredder as the filler in the vase.

I was pretty happy with how it came out. Nine cute kids for mom to enjoy!!


  1. They look great. Nice job :) Check out my blog. I have a widget for both parts of breaking Dawn now. One will come out this November. Then we have to wait until November 2012 for the end :(

  2. Thanks Jackie!! off to snag the other one!!

  3. Holy crap!! That is fantastic!! Love the flowers and how you made it all so pretty!! I cannot for the life of me figure out why breaking dawn HAS to be in two parts, except to make more money. Oh sure, they're gonna claim that doing so allows them to be more true to the book, which is all great and everything, but the almighty dollar - well, it comes down to money, I'd be willing to bet!! And I'm a freak because I STILL don't accept Stewart as Bella, I have 5 better candidates in mind, casting her has kinda blown the whole thing for me. Sure wish that wasn't the case!!!! I wanted so badly to love those movies!! I got emotionally invested in the books, big time, way out of character for me!!

  4. What a pretty little bouquet ! And everlasting too.

  5. Very creative of you, and so cute......

  6. Love, love, love this!! Both the idea and the finished product!! I'll bet your Mom loves it too!!