27 January 2011

two hour delay

That's what I heard when I answered the phone this morning at 5am. Which told me that we had a snowfall but it wasn't too bad. Then again anything is too bad if I have to work with this machine. Today was my first time using it. And I hope it will be my last. It is a work out! I love my husband even more for doing this chore for us.

The happy student ready to go to class! Please excuse the shambles of a garage behind them. We need to empty it!!

Here's the snowbank now. I think a few days back I posted another picture of it.... not as tall as it is now. Nor as neat as it was. I am not a good snow blowing type of person. And by that time, I was pretty much over the whole being outside working in the driveway.

My little man by another of our snowbanks. This one isn't so big. But big enough!

Here he is happily eating his Nana Cookies! (see yesterday's post to find out about Nana Cookies) He has pretty much gotten through one package! I guess he really wanted them.

Sometimes he is just too darn silly for words... wonder where he is???

Oh there he is!! Cracks me up. He's hollering at me to find him and then gets mad at me when I do since he's been hollering!! I was trying to make some lunch at the time and didn't want to play games. Mommy was starving! I know bad me. We played more later to make up for it!


  1. That snowblower is a beast!!! LOL I have to admit I've never run a snowblower, and I haven't decided if it's a worthy Bucket item or not! I believe that I can forgive your garage alot more easily than you'll forgive mine! We continue to procrastinate in that particular realm! Man, I hope you and Dave have the proper means to beat the boys off of Kira when she's older and they get a load of that awesome smile!!

  2. Wow! You really have a lot of snow!