04 January 2011

todays to do list

includes getting all my pictures burned onto CD's and loaded to York for printing. It has been awhile since I have done either and for some reason I am feeling the need to make sure my pictures are safe and sound. So that is what I have planned for the day. oh yeah... heading to the grocery store as well and some laundry.

Now to start the day....


  1. Are you doing CDs instead of uploading them? Is that what safe and sound means? I haven't had pictures printed in so long, I'll bet you have coupons to help!!!

  2. I am burning them onto CD's and uploading them for printing. Then I can get them off of my computer. I have a few too many pictures hanging around. I suddenly became concerned of a crashing computer. For no reason than I am paranoid. LOL York is having a good sale right now. Free shipping if you purchase over 100 prints. That will save about $20! (I uploaded almost 370 pictures today)