26 January 2011

bad mommy moment

Yes I am confessing. It is good for the soul... or so I hear. Last night Alex was asking for Nana Cookies which of course there are none in the house. Those of you out of the loop... Nana Cookies are Keebler Deluxe Grahams. They were named after one of the kids summer vacations at Nana and Papa's. He has not asked for them in ages therefore, they were not in the house. Makes sense to me but not to my four and a half year old. sigh.

So today I drop off Kira and Alex at school and do some retail therapy but totally forget the cookies while I am at Wally World! Another mommy sigh. Ready for another sigh?? It's coming! The first thing out of Alex's mouth at pick up was... did you get my Nana Cookies? Told you the sigh was coming. I let my little man down. Yes bad mommy moment.

To make up for my error. Shame shame shame on me. We headed out to Shaw's to pick up some Nana Cookies. Kira had a half day so she got to enjoy the ride. On the way, I told her she could pick out a bag of cookies as well. She is not that fond of Nana Cookies. That made her a bit happier since I don't think she was too looking forward to the trip. As we are driving (actually me driving, kids talking constantly) Alex mentions that we should get two bags of Nana Cookies so we don't run out. Boy after my own heart!! I have to agree with this line of reasoning.

We picked out a basket so I wouldn't be tempted to fill a cart of things I really didn't need but since we're there we should pick up. Hate that! Instead we stuffed that little carry basket to the brim! Kira picked out some Oreo Cakesters. And not the plain kind... nope she had to have the double stuff variety. Go for the gusto my girl!! Alex got his two packages of Nana Cookies. I picked up the house stand by of Double Stuff Oreos and a package of Chips Ahoy Chunky cuz mommy needs some cookies too (not really but hey- we were there)

Alex also found some chocolate fishes which just so happened to be buy one get one free. Kira picked out some neon cheddar fishes. We also got two pints of blueberries for a price I am ashamed to say I paid. So not all bad stuff came home with us. (the blueberries were delicious! I hope Alex lets me eat some more!)

Sure hope this makes up for my bad mommy moment. By the looks on their faces... I did okay. Alex HAD to carry the bag that had his Nana Cookies in it. I think he was afraid I was going to leave it in the store!


  1. so sweet...life with children is very special ~

  2. Holy jeepers that's an adorable picture!! Love the entire story too...I too would say something about no Nana cookies in the house, I LOVE those things!!! We are absolutely giant, non-forgiving Nutella slathered on Nutter Butter freakazoids!! <3 <3