16 January 2011

slow sunday

and there is nothing wrong with that! Got a bit of football to watch today. As well as encouraging Kira to read her book report book. She is not liking this book at all so she is really struggling to get through it. When it's a book she likes, she can whip through them so quickly. This one... not so much. Hoping next months book selection is better.

Here are the cupcakes I made yesterday. I had left over frosting from our Thanksgiving and Christmas cakes that were taking up valuable real estate in the freezer so that's why there is orange and green frosting with Valentine sprinkles. It works for us and the family didn't mind eating them!

I went to clean the sink next to the washing machine and looked down and spotted a small hidden Mickey!! Kira thought it was pretty neat. I think it's Disney World's way of letting us know we should be heading for a visit. LOL Of course we don't want to go while they are in the midst of remodeling Fantasy Land so it looks like our next trip won't be until 2013! Seems so far away! Till then we will have to make due with all the pictures I have of the last two trips and spotting the Mickey's that pop up in our lives!!

It's quiet this morning so I think I shall attempt to scrap some pages. Working on our Sea World visit. So far, so good!


  1. hehehehehe hidden Mickeys, hidden aliens, they all mean something!!! Right??? Right!!! Love the cupcakes, doesn't matter the color of frosting, sure it'd be great if nature would give us a break and let us conjure things a la Sabrina the witch - at least EYE (I) would think that'd be great!! Braeden is that way with books too, he and Taylan have Accelerated Reader tests often, and he won't get a favorable grade when he doesn't enjoy the book!