09 January 2011

lazy sunday

Spent a better part of the day working on Kira's Valentine's for her class. Waiting for the stickles to dry so I can get them all packaged up and pictures taken. I think they came out so cute! Need to do Alex's next.

We did get some snow last night. About 2 inches which the sun melted off the driveway. That's my favorite kind of snow! Need to watch the weather as they are threatening another storm Tuesday into Wednesday. Hope they are wrong again.

Dinner and baths. My day is practically over!! Look out Monday... here I come!

1 comment:

  1. Holy load of crap!!! Who on earth said it was ok for you to start on Vs when it's not even within a month of the Hallmark-created holiday!!!!????? hahahaha When somebody says something like that to you, that means they're jealous!!!! I read that somewhere!!! So...Colorado's a snow state, we all know that, and yet it snowed like absolute gangbusters on new year's eve, yet did it on CHRISTMAS eve?????????