05 January 2011


I found my pictures of the Christmas cards I made this year (okay so really they are technically from last year) All it takes is uploading the cards from the cameras! LOL Here they are... 2010's creations to celebrate Christmas.

I totally cheated and used images from House Mouse. I so wish I was able to one own all of them and two have the talent to color them in as nicely as she does. I did add stickles and puff paint and some snow writer paint. But the talent I must say lies with the original artist. Her work is amazing! Check out the site and buy some stamps!!

I am happy to say my Project Life package came last night during dinner. I resisted the overwhelming urge to tear open that Amazon. com box. In fact it is still packaged up just the way the UPS driver delivered it. Yes it is taking a HUGE amount of effort to not open it. It will be my reward today once I finish folding the laundry and reworking the toys in Alex's room to make the new Christmas toys fit. Figure that should motivate me to step away from the computer and get a ton accomplished. I am happy to say I am still working the picture a day and keeping up with my journaling. Yes small victories since I only started on Sunday! LMBO

I guess I should go through and photograph my Project 365 from 2009 and get that loaded for viewing. Okay... that's added to the to do list. Off to tackle some toys!


  1. Wow, you really made a lot of cute and adorable Christmas cards ! Wishing you a happy and creative 2011

  2. Wow! That's A LOT of cards and they are ALL adorable!!! Love them!

  3. Holy jeepers criminy!!! The sheer number you put out, makes my head spin! Those are wonderful and look so enjoyable to create!! Mwah!