21 January 2011

getting very very old

No, not me. The weather around here! The kids have ANOTHER snow day today. Kira has gone to school a day and a half this week. I am officially done with winter. Bring on spring. Do it. NOW! Yeah... I didn't think it was going to work either. But you never know until you try. Here's what it looks like at my place right now. The tree and the flower container are up on a retaining wall. Yes we have a bit of snow hanging around here. ick pooh winter, I am done with you!

So to keep me from thinking about the snow that doesn't seem to want to stop falling on us, I made some apple mini muffins for hubby. The kids didn't want to wait for them to cook and had something else for breakfast. The house smells lovely now.

Yesterday I took a much needed trip to Goodwill to empty the back of my van out. I can actually use the back to put groceries in again! So happy. And since I despise the Portsmouth traffic circle, I take the long route around and go through North Hampton which just so happens to have my local scrapbook store there! Imagine that!! I probably wouldn't have stopped if they hadn't posted on their blog the arrival of a pillar of Primas! Yes a pillar. It looked so yummy I had to stop and check it out. But I did manage to keep the shopping to a respectable amount and used cash. No guilt shopping in my opinion. Here is a picture of the pillar... just under 8 inches as you can see from the ruler I set up behind it. Oh the goodness! I need to dive in and organize these lovely flowers into my storage containers. And no... I probably didn't NEED these per say. But flowers seem to be my weakness in the scrapping world. Along with pretty papers, stickles, border punches, ribbon... you know pretty much everything! LOL

Kids seem to be entertaining themselves and not destroying too much in the house. Lunch will be in about an hour so I think that calls for some mommy time! Off to hang with some Sea World pictures!


  1. Yowza, you's guys are gettin hammered! Another school day, yikes, another June tack on day?!

    Those muffins look absolutely fantasmic! That pillar is delightful and now I must have it, must have it, must have it!! Ahhhh, you enabler, you! I have a giant flower and rub-ons fetish problem LOL

    Get some snow angel pics of the kids outside to post soon please please please please??!! <3

  2. I still can't get over that tower!! Didn't see it at snobbyLobby, crap I wonder if I forgot to look :0 hope your weekend is going swell as snow that deep can be! Any melting? I would so love to smell those muffins, did I mention that??!! Let's you and me, let's invent a way to digitally capture smells and perfectly recreate them, but NOT for nefarious purposes! <3

  3. Oh, hahahaha, I had MEANT to say up there, that you should hop to my blog and check out the tower there! =)

  4. That is alot of snow. The muffins look nice and warm though. I do hope the snow will miss you on Wensday.......