20 September 2010

the new and improved alex!

And here he is!! He got a haircut!! woohoo. First one since before our trip to Walt Disney World in April! We went to the Snip It's in Danvers, MA and had to wait. We always have to wait. sigh. But it was worth it. He wasn't cranky or crabby and let the girl cut his hair without a trimmer. He did amazing. Such a big boy. Can't say the same for the little boy across the aisle. His haircut did not go as well. Poor mom. Look at my little man....

And a side shot. I can see his ears!! woohoo. Yes I do confess, I miss the beginning of his curls. They were starting to come back. Good thing we got the haircut today cuz if the curls came back, he was not getting them cut off my me. I did it once. That's enough. LOL

And after the haircut... time for Kelly's Roast Beef!! oh yummy yummy yummy in my tummy! So happy. And stuffed. Love me my Kelly's.

It's been a good day. Looking forward to doing all the laundry tomorrow that I ignored today. Oh yes... I cannot wait to tackle the huge mountain that has found it's way to the laundry room. I may rise early to get a good jump on it. Really! Honestly. (and now I will uncross my fingers)

ick pooh laundry. Maybe I can start cleaning up this pit I call a scraproom. Need to start working on those Christmas cards. They are not going to make themselves! Darn it all. Off to see if the kiddos want something to eat or not before I toss them into bed. Everyone seems to be feeling better. I can breathe which is a very good thing. Hoping this cough doesn't linger.

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