07 September 2010

weekend in syracuse

We went to the New York State Fair while we were there. The kids hadn't been in a couple of years so it was a fun time. They of course were more interested in finding the Webkinz 'van' It was all good as when we found it, the guy gave away a ton of goodies to the kids. Then it was time to do some eating. Alex totally enjoyed his chocolate chip cookie that Grandpa bought for him. He didn't want to share with mommy. I guess he thought I would eat it all on him.

Kira got her first taste of Fair milk. The best 25 cents you can spend at the Fair. She loved it!

My lunch of a cheese steak sandwich. Delish!! Messy but totally worth it.

And the Wine tent. Underneath it's flowing sides, there are a few New York State wineries with their goods. The best thing... wine slushies!! oh yeah baby. You can get two per person which we did and then took them and poured them into our insulated water bottles to drink as we enjoyed the Fair. yummy!!!

It was a good day over all. The kids had a good time and I ate all the foods I wanted to enjoy. Makes for a happy tummy with all that Fair food.

Now we are home again and working on getting into the school routine. Some of us are kicking and screaming about it. But we shall overcome that. I am heading to Augusta Maine this weekend for a MUCH needed mommy break. I cannot wait to hang with my girl friends and laugh until my sides hurt. It will do a world of good to this mommy.

Off to hit the sheets. I'm a beat mommy today. Crossing my fingers that the laundry fairies come and do their job tonight and fold those baskets of clean clothes I washed.

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  1. Hey Terri..I'm following you now (Kim from SF). Great pics. Can't wait to see all your creative postings. My somewaht slow blog is..