31 August 2010

my tuesday

Started very early with the arrival of Kira with bug bites that were itchy and then Alex who wanted to sleep in our room on his Tigger couch. Just as the sleep was returning to me... the alarm went off. Looks like an early night for me. Which is okay since hubby is out of town for the night.

I spent the day cleaning the place up for some company tomorrow. It needed it and being as it was Tuesday (somehow it is my favorite day to clean) That is what I did. ahhhh... happy clean house. LOL

When I finished that up, I did manage to do a little blog surfing and found a challenge over at Becky Higgins' place. So I partook. I took a few photos around the house to find the right one I wanted to enter... and here it is. Alex's bed area. I set the camera on his book case and then clicked the shutter. Pretty neat.

Of course looking at it, I am now compelled to go up there and fix everything up. That could just be my OCD kicking in!! Actually his room is lovely compared to Kira's which I also took a picture of but am not sharing. LOL

Off to wrangle the kids up so we can get dinner going. Early bedtime for all of us. And I'm hungry!!

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