04 August 2010

look who has been scrapping!!

Why yes that would be me!! I am so excited to be playing with my paper and pictures again. Of course all of this is while potty training Alex (who does not want cooperate), breaking up the sibling fights that always seem to happen, keeping the house clean, laundry and grocery shopping and taking care of my hubby who works beary beary hard for us! Glad to be sharing some recent stuff. Well... the pictures aren't recent but the layouts are! LOL

Easter picture with the big man himself 2009. Alex sat next to him and held his paw!! Big steps on that one!!

The egg hunt in the house. As you can tell by the kids feetie pj's it was quite cold that Easter. It was so cold and icky that we didn't even go to the Rec Center's egg hunt. No need getting everyone sick for some cheap prizes. Alex did a little dance every time he found an egg. So cute. Kira was too darn fast for me to catch more than a couple of shots of her finding eggs.

Checking out what they got!! Alex was willing to share some of his treats... until Daddy actually ate one!! Then all bets were off.

We celebrated Nana's birthday while they were here and got a pretty cool looking cake out of it! Both of the kids had to help her blow out the candles!!

One of my favorites I have done of Alex. He started doing this pout face and knew I would have a ton of great photos to use on it! So glad he outgrew that stage!!

Title says it all! He is a force to be reckoned with! And all of that in under 10 minutes!!

Kira's second grade field trip to the Seacoast Science Center. They were studying the tide pools. Lots of fun and neat things to look at!

Off to see what other pictures inspire me and have a little more fun with my papers. I have missed them and glad I am once again creating. More to come!!

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