06 August 2010

new sounds around here

We picked up Kira's sax today from the music store. They didn't need to repad the whole thing, which is good as that is hundreds of dollars but did a tune up on it (it was stored in the inlaws basement for about 25 years) and it seems to be good. They said it should last a year or two before we need a major overhaul. By then we should know if it is something that Kira will want to continue with or not. And it is MUCH MUCH cheaper than renting an instrument. I almost swallowed my tongue when the rental amounts came out. Highway robbery!!

Anywho... Kira could not wait to get home and try it out. Daddy took some time to show her how to put it together and what all the bits and pieces were. And then it was time for some noise!

She really picked it up quickly on getting a sound to come out and man, can she hold a 'note'. I knew her strong lungs would pay off one of these days! She has had it out a couple of times with the cleaning up afterward. I really really hope this continues once she starts her lessons. I know daddy is quite proud of his little girl. Very exciting. Her first concert will be in September at the Newmarket Heritage Festival. I know you all want to check it out!

And I managed to squeeze in another layout. I created the mosaic picture with Picasa 3 and added the title for each day. It is a fun week for the kids when they can have some fun and unite as a school.

Need to get a picture of my latest creation but the sun is not cooperating with me. It may have to wait until tomorrow.

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