13 August 2010

zoo fun

We had the fun of going to the Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island yesterday. We got to hang out with the BABW crew from Providence Place. Great group. Alex was very intent on checking things out on the map so he knew where he was going. First stop for him would have been the elephants and then the giraffes. For us- bathrooms! But he knew where his choices were.

This is as much of the red wolf that Kira got to see. They were hiding in their enclosures. Could have been due to the heat of yesterday. The breeze was lovely when it showed up. But over all it was a little warm!

Yes happy children. Little do you know from this picture that Alex will be melting down and throwing his shoes and himself just a little farther down the path. He wanted to go home. The elephants were having a bath inside and he had enjoyed the giraffes so he was done. Lesson learned- bring snacks for him no matter what. He was much better after lunch.

Poor little kid crashed on the way home. Looks almost like he has a black eye (but he doesn't) He was just tired!!

And the best part of the day... dinner at Kelly's Roast Beef. This was my sandwich. Yummy!!

Today is a clean up day and hang up yard sale signs day. I need to get my hiney in gear and off to Walmart to pick up poster board. Here I go... if I do all my chores, I do believe my scrap table will be seeing me later!! woohoo... that is motivation!

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  1. I love this blog post of yours!!! His expression in that picture with the map, that sideways "hmmmm" is adorable! I'm not sure if you've noticed, but did you know Kira looks a TON like you?? hehehehe she does!! ;-)