07 August 2010


My little guy can be one stubborn one. Not sure which side of the family that comes from but it could be due to the fact that he was born under the sign of Aries the Ram. Never know. Anywho... potty training had been an uphill battle for us. He refused... and I mean REFUSED to use the potty or have anything to do with training. We tried everything- bribes, pull ups, rewards and plain old giving up.

Then we discovered his love of his sister's Nintendo DS. He would play that for as long as she (and I) would let him. So we turned that into our advantage and told him he could get a DS when he was using the potty and wearing big boy underwear. He wasn't sure about it but after his vacation in New York with Nana and Papa he decided he was ready. No more pull ups during the day (night time is hard enough so he gets his pull ups then) Our first few days were more accidents than anything but we kept going. I purchased a few more pairs of underwear to keep us well stocked (even with doing laundry every night) Well I do believe he has gotten the hang of things. Yesterday the only accident he had was a teeny tiny one and that was because him and his sister were playing so intently that he forgot and he ran quickly once he started to pee. woohoo!!

Onto today... we took him to Toys R Us and got him his reward for being such a big boy... his very own Nintendo DS!! And man was he excited. I truly thought he was going to break the straps on his car seat trying to get into the store when we told him why we were there! So cute. He couldn't wait for it to charge and get playing but he did somehow manage and even wore the same pair of underwear all day long!! Go Alex!!

We are having some issues with #2 but they are coming along and I think we'll have that under control pretty quickly. He is determined to keep his DS. I told him if he slips too much, it goes away until he has it back under control. He doesn't want to lose it now that he has it. As you can see by the smile... he is one happy little guy.

Yes there is some guilt over the bribe but I feel that it is well worth it in the long run. He is very proud of himself as are we. My little guy is growing up. And I am not going to miss buying daytime pull ups.

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  1. Well, we may not have had the money for a toy like that, but we also did a version of bribing, shhhhhhhhhh It was a week before his 3rd birthday, and he was ADAMANT about having his day at Chuck Cheeses. We told him that only big boys turning 3, who want their special day to be at CEC, they poop and pee in potties. You don't see big 3 year old boys with diapers on at CEC. Well, there was our bribe, and it worked! After that, he rarely had any troubles at all! Most of the times when he did have an accident were in most respects our fault. You just get to know your kid and know when you should probably wake him up before you yourself go to bed, cause he might wet. And whammo, what happens?? LOL