25 August 2010

quick one

Been a crazy kind of week around here. Kira is doing both band and chorus and this week is camp for both at the school. Monday I spent a few hours at the school making copies and getting the PTA welcome packet in order for the teachers to hand out on the first day of school. Now we are working on the Back to School Pot Luck that the PTA is hosting at the school tomorrow. Praying for the rain to shut off and the sun to come out. Don't care if the ground is wet, as long as the rain stops!!

Kids have been driving me insane. Guess that means it's time for school to be back in session and you know what?? It will be on Monday! oh glorious sweet Monday! How I cannot wait to see you! I know I am insane... told you. The kids drove me to it.

Off for some tv time. Hoping to post more soon!!

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