30 August 2010

back to school pot luck and first day of school!!

The PTA Back to School Pot Luck was so much fun and seems to have been a popular event! There was sooo much food there. People brought such yummy treats to share. We had to bring out extra tables for all the food! The only drawback was the excessive amount of mosquitoes that decided to feast on all of us while we were there. They were really hungry as we all got bit and we had bug spray on!! Here's a look at some of the food. After I took these pictures, we added another table to where I was standing!!

And here's my baby girl all ready for her first day of fourth grade with Mrs Williamson. Last night she was quite nervous about the whole thing and made herself sick. Just a little upset tummy but before she went to bed she did manage to put down some cocoa puffs and milk. She didn't seem to be all that scared this morning when I dropped her off. Had to walk her inside the building too. Not that this mommy is complaining!! Soon enough I'll be dropping her off a block away since she won't want to be seen with me! LOL

She is all sparkly today. The top has bling, the shorts have bling as well as her sneaks! She is one sparkly kind of fourth grader! She even let me braid the sides of her hair to keep it out of her face.

The new backpack for the year. Notice the large bling bob on the lower front pocket. She loves it!! I did add up her reading challenge minutes for the summer last night. She read over 2700 minutes or over 45 hours this summer!! Way to go.

Kira with her scruffy looking brother. He so needs a haircut but won't let us buzz him. I think we are getting him to the point where he is going to let us get it cut but the person has to use scissors and not the trimmer. Whatever!! He is shaggy!! But still adorable.

Need to get working on laundry and some other things today. Hoping to get stuff done since I am down to one child to entertain. I think I can do that!!

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