15 August 2010

sunny sunday

I was up a little too early for my liking but here I am. I have played most of my Facebook games, checked out a few scrapping sites and now working on the blog. Next on the agenda... getting my hind end dressed for breakfast. I'm hungry!!

Today we are going to Goodwill to drop off the last of the yard sale stuff that did not sell yesterday. There isn't as much as we started with at 8am Saturday morning, which is a lovely thing. I am just done with yard sales and holding onto things in case of my desire to have a yard sale. I think the tax credit will be more appreciated than the few bucks in my wallet right now. I WANT MY GARAGE LOFT BACK!! I don't need to trip over stuff that will one day be in a yard sale, I want just my stuff up there. It was taking up a LARGE portion of the loft.

Anywho... I need to call Goodwill to make sure we can drop stuff off today and then it shall be race watching time for this chickie. And maybe even some laundry. Hey... you never know. I am a wild one. Ciao.

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