17 August 2010

'the look'

This is the look I get when I have taken too many pictures of my girl. The I'm done smiling but I still want to look cute in the picture so I'll stand still but I am done look. Good thing she is so darn cute! I was really trying to get a good shot of her freckles that have sprouted this summer. They are so cute on her. Need to keep trying to get a good shot of them. But as for this picture... it was the end of our photo shoot.

On a mommy note... I guess I don't clean the house enough in front of Kira. Today something bit me and I got on a cleaning kick and had to do the entire house today. Top to bottom, bathrooms and laundry included. She looked at me and asked who was coming to visit. The top to bottom cleaning means company coming to her. Probably because she is at school when I do these binges she doesn't see all the work I do. I guess it's good for her to see me deep cleaning sometimes when we are not having company (but on a side note... the place looks good- stop on by!!)

And for the real kicker to this story... dearest hubby of mine (whom I love with all my heart and soul) walked in, looked around, said "you cleaned, who's coming?". Wonder where Kira gets it from? Alex doesn't ask these things since he is at home with me all the time so he sees me cleaning. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. He is my little clean guy. His room has to be tidy before he can go to bed. Cute but I don't want him to become OCD like me. Hoping the messy boy gene kicks in later in life (like when he is on his own and I don't have to see it!!)

And because he loves me, dearest hubby of mine, brought home a chocolate fudge cake for me. Love him!!

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