02 August 2010

teacher gifts

Let me tell you... there ain't nothing slow about me!! LOL Hey at least the gifts were on time even if the reveal to you all wasn't! LOL You have to remember I was in total meltdown after all those cards and card purses. okay... that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anywho... here are the cards I put into the teacher bags. I then ended up doing about 16 more cards for the two 'helpers' in Kira's classroom but didn't take pictures of them as they were being created the night before they needed to be delivered and I was quite tuckered out by then! I did enjoy the whole card creating process which is a good thing.

The butterflies were from Michaels clearance section about a year ago. They were just the perfect thing to add to these cards. And love love love my treading water border punch! Why have I not been using that on EVERYTHING??? Don't know but it now lives on my desk instead of in a drawer so you will be seeing it more!

Used a new stamp I got at Joanns in their dollar section at the registers. Now just need to get the hang of stamping with it!! Even pressure is the key! LOL

I have seen this 'flower' before in magazines and actually used it this time instead of forgetting about it.

The Thank you embellie was from Joanns in their clearance section. And look at that... the treading water border punch again!!

And here are the last three card purses that I created. If you look close I used my treading water border punch AGAIN!! Go me. LOL I must confess that I had totally forgotten I owned the silly thing. And it could have been the lack of scrapping that didn't trigger it's use. Still happy that I own it!

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  1. Whoa whoa whoa!!! Love all that work of yours!! holy moses =)