02 August 2010

kevin's visit

It was a great visit with Kevin, Wendy and their kids. Kira and Alex were both looking forward to meeting their Virginia cousins. Kira didn't remember them from their previous visit (about 6 years ago!) so it was fun. Alex kept asking when the children were going to be here. He couldn't remember the word cousins at first, so cute. There was a lot of running around the backyard and good food. We did manage to corral the gang into the following picture. I need to go through the rest of them and find some of the other cute ones I got. Poor Wendy's camera battery died with the charger hanging out in Massachusetts!!

Here they are! The whole gang. And let me tell you... it is not easy to get nine kids to smile and look at the camera at the same time!! But very much worth it.

Hoping to post some pictures of the cards I had made for Kira's teachers later today. Need to get them into the correct file on the computer. Catch you all on the flip side!

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