10 September 2010

i am outta here!

Well not until this afternoon but close enough for me. I am heading to Augusta Maine to spend the weekend with some of my good scrapping friends. It is a much needed time away from everything. I do believe I am holding onto a LARGE amount of stress. I think I will leave it in Augusta... maybe on 95N. So if you see it, run in the opposite direction. It is an evil thing.

My hubby is going to have a great weekend with the kiddos and I know they will love hanging out with him. He is going to take them to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. We have a bunch of tokens left over from our last time there as well as coupons so they will be good for the evening. He is also going to make a tent for them to sleep in. They like that stuff.

And on the potty training front... my little boy is getting to be so big!! Last night he peed on the potty before heading to bed (which took a bribe of chocolate) and he woke up dry as a bone. He was running around with his sister and stopped and ran to the bathroom because he had to go bad! So proud. We are getting there.

Every morning when we drop Kira off at school he is asking if he is going to school with her. I keep telling him next year when we have the whole potty thing under control. Trying to explain to him that his teachers will not like changing poopy pull ups because he won't go #2 on the potty yet. But he is putting on the pull ups to go in them. And in my opinion, that is a better clean up than dirty undies!

As I said... we're doing pretty good for a month and a half into this training thing.

Off to finish cleaning, packing and getting things ready. Enjoy. Pictures to follow on Monday!!

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