18 September 2010

we are sick

Man... Why does this happen every year?? We make it through the entire summer with not a single sniffle. The first full week of school and Kira had to stay home with a fever and stuffy nose for a day. Man... it stinks. And once one of us gets it... yup you guessed it... all of us have it. Poor hubby is fighting it like crazy since he has a meeting this week and is speaking for most of it. Alex sounds so cute with his lack of voice. Me... my throat is killing me! grrrrr

On a positive side... Kira was voted by her class as one of the two Student Council representatives! I am so proud of her. She created a campaign poster and a speech to give in front of her class. Such a big thing. Glad she went for it and did it. Wondering where this will take her in her life? oh the paths that are opening up for her!! So proud of my girl.

Should be a fun week. Monday Kira has a half day at school. Yes it is the second full week of school and there is a teachers day. Don't ask. Anywho... we are heading down to Peabody, MA for a haircut for Alex at Snip It's and then some mouth watering roast beef deliciousness from Kelly's. I am so looking forward to it. Even if I feel horrible, Kelly's will make it all perfect again!

Look for pictures of the new and improved Alex Monday!! No more shaggy little man for me!

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