24 January 2012

making some cards

I am in the process of working on a card box from a tutorial that my LSS posted (which when I am done with the box I will post the linkage to that) Anywho... you can't have a card box without any cards inside of it. Especially if you are trying to create a basket for a raffle!! Which is what I am doing. Hoping that everything comes out pretty good so that I can add the card box to my growing list of baskets that I am donating to the PTA's Unplugged Week in March. It's gonna be a great week of fun activities at the school and lots of time without electronics. I am not thinking that I can unplug totally. I get too many emails, but I will do my best to get away from this time sucker (aka the computer/ FB/ Pinterest and my blogs)

Okay, back to the cards for the inside of the card box. I do have others that I have posted previously that will go into the box but I need a few more themed cards so here are a few of the thinking of you type note cards. I pulled some scraps from my container and went to work.

I like how this one turned out. I wasn't sure when I went to punch the stamped image out and realized I would have to chop either the sentiment or part of the flower and I went with the losing part of the flower. I am happy with it. It does mess with my OCD brain a bit, but I am trying to loosen things up around here and go with the flow. The fiber... I must say that has been hanging around in my stash FOREVER!! 

Did you get that?? 


This one started with a sketch but did not end up looking like the sketch. It didn't really go the way I wanted it to, but I ended up liking it even with the detour to the non planned part of town.

This one... same sketch- again got lost somewhere along the way to completion. Pretty happy with it. I like my random accordion folding of the floral paper. I could have grabbed the score board but that was not my mood. Love how I used my ruler to put the brads in a line and still messed up the center one!! Man, I should not be allowed to use sharp objects!! Or walk and chew gum at the same time. LOL

This card is a bit heavier than most. That folding does add a bit of bulk to the project. Wondering if I need to add a note to the stamp area of the envelope for this one?? hmmmm...

That's what I have been doing. Next project, 100 day of school gift for the teachers. Found it on Pinterest and hope to whip it out today. Off I go....

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  1. You have me absolutely cracking UP!!!! I have some of that fiber toooooooo!!! OMG that is so funny!