11 February 2012

valentines and dance pictures

I had to share some of the fun pictures that hubby took at the dance on Thursday. There were a bunch of girls and daddies dancing and having a great time, but there were some priceless friend moments as well.

This one of Kira and Cedar. You would never know that Cedar had heels on and she was still that much shorter than Kira. Such a little thing!

Here's the gang that was there! Kira, Cedar, Michaela and Cheyanne. Sweet group of girls and all so beautiful!!

Kira with her BFF Michaela. So sweet that they both ended up wearing purple. Almost like they planned it!! And they didn't!

I finally got the kids valentines packaged up and ready to go. These are the tags that I did for both sets of valentines. Both kids had the pleasure of finally doing something for their treats this year and had to write all the tags out. Alex's class will get the melted crayons heart shaped crayons which can be found here, and Kira's got some dog and cat foam clips that I made. I need to remember to take a picture of them in the morning with the good light.

I added this little note inside the bag with the crayons so that parents wouldn't think it was candy and throw it out before the kids could play. Hope it works!

I think we are ready for Valentines Day which means I may be able to play tomorrow on some of my stuff and not the kids!! oh the dreams I have.

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  1. Ooooh oooooh great pictures!!! I just smile each time I think about this dance in your town!!! Those tags are great, genius idea on including that note with the crayons!